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Short Courses - Lockdown Learning


Before you commit, why not Meet The Teacher?!


We offer a free 20 minute meet the teacher call with Chloé who will take the course. She will assess  your level and learning style and then you can decide if it's the course for you.

Lockdown Language Learning: let’s go to Paris!

This 4 week course is perfect for beginners who are hoping to get to France next year, or for those who would like simply like to brush up on their French.


As travel is off, we’re bringing one of the best cities in the world to you! 

What you’ll learn:

  • How to book accommodation and travel

  • How to order at a restaurant & café

  • How to get around Paris - directions & reading road signs 

  • French/ Parisien culture and étiquette 

  • How to ask for help

What’s included:
1. Fantastic teaching from an experienced teacher who lived & worked in France 
2. Engaging interactive online lessons
3. Course material and exercises from the lessons that you can use again
4. Weekly homework 
5. Access to our online learning community (chat and learn with others)
6. 25% off your Term 3 CTL course (6 week courses that begin 4th Jan)

Course dates: 18th November - 9th December 2020

  • 12-1pm lunchtime learning

  • 6:30-7:30pm evening learning

Class size max 6

Course fee only £59!!

18th November
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