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You are a complete novice and may only know a few words beyond 'Bonjour' but you're keen to learn and can't wait to impress with full sentences!


You took an exam at school (and have faint knowledge of that helpful textbook French!) You may be a little (or completely) rusty but you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll pick this up. Don't worry, this class is perfect for you!


You have a good grasp of the language and are starting to use different tenses and more complex vocabulary. This class will get you ready for our intermediate level.


You can speak using several tenses but wish to sound like more of a conversational local - this is the class to get you there and build your confidence!


Pfft, what do you need lessons for!? Joking aside, you can jump into pretty much any conversation - this is a great class to keep up your fluency, build on your vocabulary and practise your pronunciation, enabling you to handle most (if not all) conversational situations.

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