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We often get asked ‘How can I practise speaking the language whilst living in England?’ 


1:1 French Lessons
pain vin fromage.png

Pain, Vin, Fromage!

If you missed it the first time we are running our newest event again!


Did you know that the French have a particular way to cut cheese and present it?


Also did you know that you can drink white wine with cheese? We'll show you how not to make a cheese cutting faux pas and deliver a cheese and wine parring session. 


The evening will be hosted by Marie (our wine expert) and Chloé.

This is a brilliant opportunity to practise and hear French. Don't worry if you don't know any French, everything will be translated into English and there will be prompts on the tables.


This event is open to everyone, not just CTF members/those who study with us.

Friday 21st April 7-9:30pm


Velo Domestique

Crepes et cidre .png

Crêpes et Cidre

This is a really fun and delicious evening and a great way to be around French language and culture.

Included in the ticket price are unlimited crêpes and 2 glasses of cidre. If you do not drink cidre feel free to BYO drinks. We will not be able to sell you any other drinks from the velo bar.

This event is open to everyone, not just CTF students.

Friday 23rd June 7-9:30pm


Velo Domestique

Bastille Day.png

Bastille Day

Let's see the academic year out with a bang at our Bastille Day soirée.

Bring along some 'French' food to share with fellow classmates and friends. Drinks will be available to buy. 

This event is for CTF students and their friends and family.

Friday 14th July 7-9:30pm

£0 (45 spaces available please RSVP)

Velo Domestique

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